Beginning April 10: 8-week Alexander Technique Class for Actors at Green Shirt Studios

Meeting Sunday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. for 8 weeks from April 10 to May 29, Jeremy Cohn will teach a class for actors at the Green Shirt Studio, The Alexander Technique: Rediscovering Your Natural Poise.

The Alexander Technique is a century old, proven way of learning to ‘get out of your own way’ which has profound benefits for actors. It promotes light, efficient movement. It creates fuller breathing and freer voice work.  It increases stage presence, physical utility, and is a tool for helping actors to remain open and available to their scene partners and imaginations.  It also provides techniques for relieving the stress inherent in the life of the actor, managing stage fright, and promoting health and wellness in a demanding career.

In this 8-week class, through exploration and a special type of hands-on teaching, we will cultivate a process of how to let go of habitual tensions which interfere with the actor’s connection with their Whole Self (body and mind combined) and obscure and limit their performance.  We will learn principles of movement which will help you to move in harmony with your body’s design, building awareness you can take into your daily routine as well as applying what we have learned directly to acting. Come explore this transformative Technique, usually available only at the conservatory level, with us! All ages are welcome.

Cost: $250 full session

How to sign up:

Location: Green Shirt Studio 4407 N. Clark Street