April 10: The Alexander Technique for Vocalists at the Old Town School of Folk Music

On April 10, 2016, 2:00 to 3:30, Jeremy Cohn will be leading a workshop, Poised for Performance: An Intro to the  Alexander Technique for Vocalists, at the Old Town School of Music.

Is your body disconnected from your singing? Do you want fuller, easier breathing? Do you suffer from stage fright? Has poor posture or chronic body tension been getting in the way of your freedom and expression as a vocalist?  

The Alexander Technique has helped people connect to their body and breath, to relieve stress, and to reduce unnecessary tension for over a century. It has been used by vocalists as diverse as Sir Paul McCartney, Julie Andrews, Barbara Bonney, and Joni Mitchell. In this introductory workshop, taught by certified teacher Jeremy Cohn, you will learn simple strategies for becoming aware and letting go of habitual tensions which distort your posture, constrict your breathing, and block your expression. You will also learn restorative exercises to help you develop your poise continually in everyday life. Besides group exploration, this workshop will feature the ‘hands-on’ bodywork which is the hallmark of the Alexander Technique. Bring your sense of play and curiosity, and don’t miss the opportunity to experience this work usually available only on the conservatory level!  

Students must be comfortable with light, respectful ‘hands- on’ contact from the teacher to fully participate. Please wear non-restrictive clothing, comfortable for light movement. No skirts or high heels. Bring a water bottle and part of a song of any style, a capella, memorized to play with during the workshop.

Cost: $25 ($24 for members)

Prerequisites: Available to anyone who enjoys singing! (no need to know how to read music)

Sign up here: https://www.oldtownschool.org/classes/detail/?courseid=5456

The Old Town School of Music is located at 4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625