November 11: Body Bliss: Computers, Text Neck, and Poise with Jeremy Cohn at Comfy Fitness

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Does sitting at your computer all day make you stiff and sore? Have you fallen prey to the text neck epidemic? Come and learn strategies from the Alexander Technique--a clinically-effective functional movement discipline-- and learn to work in a more relaxed, centered, and efficient way to avoid fatigue and back pain.

Comfy Fitness is thrilled to partner with Chicago practitioner, Jeremy Cohn to introduce you to the work of F. Matthias Alexander, grandfather of Somatic Movement! Class size is limited to 10 participants to ensure time for individual attention.

 Ago range of participants: High School and Up

Date: Nov 11, 2017, 2-3:45pm

Location: Comfy Fitness, 2115 N Damen Ave

Chicago , IL , 60647

Cost: $30 ($25 Early Bird Registration!)

How to sign up: