New PhD Project at the University of Hull, UK: The Alexander Technique, Pregnancy & Childbirth.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) has announced funding for a PhD project at the University of Hull in England to research the use of the Alexander Technique during pregnancy and childbirth.

From STAT: "There is a move in midwifery care in the UK to actively promote wellbeing for women during pregnancy and birth rather than simply to avoid negative events or outcomes. The Alexander Technique has been proposed as a way of maximising the potential for women to have the optimum birth experience, however, despite a large amount of anecdotal evidence supporting this, the Alexander Technique has not been the subject of research in relation to pregnancy and birth.

"Funding has been obtained through the University of Hull for a full time student to undertake their PhD on this topic. This is a great opportunity to extend research both on wellbeing in pregnancy and the Alexander Technique. The PhD will be jointly supervised by Julie Jomeen—Professor of Midwifery and Lesley Glover—an Alexander Technique teacher and Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology."

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Closing date: 28th February 2017

If this is a project that interests you, you can also get in touch with Lesley Glover directly at