Oct 13: The Poise Project Training Day—Adapting AT for People Living with Parkinson's and their Care Partners

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Registration is now open for The Poise Project teacher training & team building day in Chicago!

Saturday, October 13, 2018


These Professional Development days are open to all interested AT teachers, trainees, and training directors.

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Main Objective of these training days:

To train participants in the mission and strategic model of The Poise Project so that they can become part of regional teams involved in expanding our ongoing "Alexander Technique for Parkinson's" initiative, and launching new initiatives. Please consider joining our efforts! Even if your main interest may be with other populations, you will become part of our team effort to connect to regional communities by being trained in our Poise Project strategic model. And our training days are one of the ways that we are trying to be sustainable for the next eight years of this ten year project. Your participation supports financially all of our programs and outreach and research efforts.

The Other Objective of these training days:

To learn about the particular needs of People Living with Parkinson's (PlwPD) and their care partners, and to suggest the most successful ways to apply Alexander principles when working with this population. We will introduce you to some of the best practices that we've been exploring and how they can be presented in group settings. Or if you are interested in working with PlwPD in your private practice, you will have in depth information about PD and about one-to-one AT applications for this population.

The training day will be led by Monika Gross, Executive Director of The Poise Project. Included will be videotaped AT for PD training from Dr. Maya Katz, a movement disorder specialist at University of California San Francisco, as well as videos from people living with Parkinson's and their care partners who have benefitted from AT and are advocating for it as part of our AT4PD initiative.

We are also reaching out to PlwPD and care partners from the local community who we will be invited to attend an informal 90-minute workshop during the training day. In this way the training day participants will be able to have the opportunity to work with them and receive their feedback.

Chicago area Alexander Technique teachers at the 2017 Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day.

Chicago area Alexander Technique teachers at the 2017 Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Day.

All participants will be invited to join The Poise Project teams at the Parkinson's Foundation Moving Day® events that weekend in Chicago on Sunday, October 14. These are the events that raise funds for the community grants that we have received from the Parkinson's Foundation to fund AT-based programs. To see our Poise teams at previous Moving Days', go to this link on our website.

If this date/location doesn't work for you, we will also be having training days in the following locations:

  • Boston, Thursday, October 11

  • Atlanta, Friday, October 27

  • Miami/Boca Raton, Saturday, November 3

Questions? Contact Poise Project Executive Director, Monika Gross at 828-254-3102.