Jeremy Cohn teaches the Alexander Technique privately to people from all walks of life out of his studio in Lincoln Square, Freedom in Motion Alexander Technique. He also teaches group Alexander classes for actors at Green Shirt Studio in Uptown. He trained under Daria Okugawa at Alexander Teacher Training in Chicago (ATTiC) and was certified by AmSAT in 2015. He has assistant taught for Daria Okugawa's Alexander classes at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University and Paola Colette's School for Theatre Creators. Jeremy was first introduced to the Technique while earning his BFA in Acting from Boston University's College of Fine Arts studying under Betsy Polatin, best-selling author of The Actor's Secret. He has appeared as a professional actor with many Chicago and Boston theatre companies and is also a trained vocalist, trombonist, and guitarist, as well as holding a belt in the Japanese martial art, Aikido.To learn more, visit: Jeremy on Facebook at: 


“The latter half of 2014 was fairly hellish for me. I was in chronic pain from disc bulge in my lower back that didn’t seem to be getting better.[....] Within the first ten minutes of a session with Jeremy, I felt immense relief and release. I stopped judging my body and began listening to it. [...] With careful attention to detail, Jeremy helped me pin-point problem areas that were attributing to my chronic pain. Massages are nice, as someone is physically manipulating your muscles to relieve tension…But, with The Alexander Technique you are empowered to work on yourself (or rather WITH yourself) outside of sessions. You are given tools for improvement that affect every aspect of your day-to-day life.”
— Patrick Byrnes, Actor, Vocalist
Alexander technique is one of the many ways to increase mindfulness of the body and breathing, which is essential for musicians (such as myself). After working with Jeremy, I had a fresh perspective to incorporate into my practice routine, which improved my posture, breathing, and overall performance.
— ---Cally Laughlin Professional Clarinetist, Clarinet Teacher, and Member of Lake Effect Clarinet Quartet.
I do everything from train for marathons, teach dance classes, and sit long hours at a desk and Alexander Technique can make all of those diverse activities better with simple adjustments that I can do myself armed with the right strategies. Jeremy is natural teacher. He uses a cooperative approach to understand your needs and lifestyle and plan each lesson to what best fits you. With each lesson your body will learn how to open up and allow itself “get out of it’s own way” to move with ease through all the activities of your daily life. You’ll leave each lesson feeling comfortable and relaxed in your new and improved posture and armed with useful techniques to take on all your everyday movements.
— Andriana Pachella, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Three Time Marathon Runner