Jill Burlingame Tsekouras teaches the Alexander Technique in Glen Ellyn in the western suburbs of Chicago. Her private teaching studio consists mainly of musicians, dancers, and actors, but she works with all interested in the Technique. She has been on the faculty at Roosevelt University since 2008 and at Wheaton College since 2014 teaching Alexander Technique to musicians. During the summers, she teaches at summer institutes and workshops including Credo, Wheaton College Music Camp, the National Flute Convention and previously at OpTIC. She has given lectures, workshops and Alexander masterclasses at the University of Connecticut, Merit School of Music, Western Illinois University, Act One Conservatory, Masterworks Festival, Columbia, St. Mary’s college at Notre Dame, Fox Valley Organist Guild, Illinois Music Teachers Association, several local high schools and the University of Illinois. She certified with Joan and Alex Murray at the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique and holds degrees in Music Education from Wheaton College and Flute Performance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 


"Jill's Alexander work with my teen acting students is invaluable. We have a serious agenda to train young artists and Jill's work - for instance- creating awareness of habits and tensions that could be impeding breath and voice production - was a world of revelation to the teens. She s also a delightful person that young people love learning from. Their growth is measurable. Having Jill as an ongoing part of my students training is now a must for our company".
Dan Roche, Bird and Baby Theatre Co. Wheaton IL, Fellowship for Performing Arts, NYC
"I have been taking Alexander lessons from Jill for many years. Whenever I had an important concert, recital, or audition, I always cherished my Alexander lessons because I left feeling relaxed and calm and my body free of tension.  My sound and breathing improved vastly with every meeting and I relied on her to get through the intense opera season without injury because Alexander corrects unwanted posture that leads to increases tension and stress which prevents performing your best. I have also presented workshops with Jill at the National Flute Convention in Washington DC and have invited her to give numerous masterclasses to my flute students. I believe every performing musician greatly benefits from the Alexander Technique and Jill is patient, super gifted both as a flutist and Alexander teacher, and truly understands the unique stress performing artists endure!"
Dionne Jackson, Associate Professor of Flute, School of Fine Arts-Music, University of Connecticut
"Jill is such a positive and enthusiastic instructor! I took her Alexander Technique course twice during my graduate degree because the awareness I gained of my habits and movements was invaluable in both my performing and every day life. I am able to do quick alignment checks to make sure my weight is properly distributed, shoulders aren't slumped, etc. The ability to notice and correct these things helps reduce any stress and tension which always puts me into a much better and constructive mindset for whatever I'm doing."
Emily Rebecca Smith, Roosevelt University student
"Jill Burlingame is exceptional at the practice and teaching of Alexander Technique.  Her sessions are as much about understanding how to bring balance to the body as they are about how to calm the mind and release stress.  Clients of any age and professional field will benefit from her expertise and care."
Jennie Brown, Credo Flute, Wheaton College Conservatory of Music
"Working with Jill is a joy.  I have had the pleasure of taking private lessons with Jill, as well as inviting her to work with my choirs and staff.  Jill's energy and positive spirit encourage the participants and put them at ease.  Her enthusiasm about AT is infectious!"
Michele Hecht, Director of Music, First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn