What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to change your movement and postural habits, which can improve your mobility, performance, and alertness, and relieve chronic stiffness, tension, and stress. This 100-year old educational method is recognized worldwide for improving freedom and ease in posture, coordination, and breathing.

Why do people study the Alexander Technique?

People study the Technique for a variety of reasons:

The most common reason is to relieve tension and pain through learning better coordination in any activity.

Others study the Alexander Technique to enhance performance. Athletes, singers, dancers, actors, musicians, and public speakers use the Technique to improve breathing, vocal production, and coordination, whether it is throwing a fastball, playing the trombone, or performing a monologue. 

The most far-reaching reason people study the Technique is to achieve greater understanding and control of their reactions, whatever they do.

Many of us have developed habitual patterns of tension, learned both consciously and unconsciously. We can unlearn those habits, stop creating unnecessary tension and effort, and then make new choices in posture, movement, and reaction. 

During lessons, you will cultivate awareness of habits that interfere with your natural coordination. You will learn to undo these patterns and develop the ability to redirect your whole self into an optimal state of being and functioning. Through direct experience, you will learn how to go about your daily activities with greater ease and less effort. 

 What is AmSAT?

The American Society for the Alexander Technique is the largest organization of Alexander Technique teachers in the United States. AmSAT-certified teachers have completed a three-year, 1600-hour training at a certified training course. AmSAT is a member of the Affiliated Societies, an association of 18 national societies which maintain the highest standards for the training and professional conduct of Alexander Technique teachers around the world.