The Alexander Technique teaches you how to

  • Perform your daily activities with comfort and ease
  • Reduce tension and effort
  • Improve posture and coordination
  • Improve breathing
  • Enjoy greater poise and confidence
  • Improve your performance skills

You can learn to use your whole body in a new way, whether you are singing or playing an instrument, working at a computer, driving a car, working out in the gym, running, practicing martial arts or any other activity.

Do you experience back pain or neck pain as you work at the computer?

This might be the result of how you sit and how you move. If this is the problem, I can teach you to use the principles of the Alexander Technique to become aware of what you are doing and change your habits.

Have you hit a plateau in your performance skills?

Are you stuck at a certain level in your sport, singing, or musical instrument? Lessons in the Alexander Technique teach you to change your old habits, get un-stuck, and take your skills to the next level.

Do you feel un-coordinated and lacking in poise when you walk?

Do you slump uncomfortably as you sit? You can use the Alexander Technique to improve your posture and coordination in movement for better balance, poise, and ease in everyday activity.

About Phyllis:

Phyllis Richmond was featured in “Alexander Technique Unteaches’ Bad Habits to Ease Pain” – a report on CBS DFW: 

Phyllis Richmond, M.A., teaches in Evanston IL. From 1991-2013 she lived in Dallas Texas, where she offered private lessons and taught in the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University and in the College of Music at the University of North Texas. She has taught workshops for many universities including: Rice, Vanderbilt, Baylor, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, Conservatorio “A. Stiffani” (Castelfranco Veneto, Italy), Tainan University of the Arts and China Cultural University (Taiwan) and professional programs including: American Harp Society, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Keyboard Wellness Seminar, Tung Hai Music Festival (Taiwan) and Texas Educational Theater Association. Phyllis is a registered teacher of the Shaw Method of Swimming (Alexander Technique applied to swimming––see and of Tai Chi Chuan (certified by the International Yang Tai Chi Martial Arts Association in Taiwan). She trained as an Alexander Technique teacher in England with John and Carolyn Nicholls, graduating in 1991.